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KakaIru Fic Rec (aka my secret stash)

So, most of there will be AUs, please forgive me. The first part is a fic list which I will be updating to add more to. Second is a list of authors who have written TONS of fics. Third is links to passed festivals where many works have been produced.


Black Friday
Halloween sexy times and awesome costumes. Oneshot

Iruka is blind and has to put his trust in Kakashi. 26 chapters

Cruel fate
Kakashi gets turned into a kitty-tat and gets to live with Iruka while trying to save the village from corruption. Oneshot

Fix My Heart
This is the second part of a series but the first was more IbikIru (?) and doesn't really matter to the plot of this part. Iruka's got a really big crush on Kakashi even if Kakashi uses him for his body. Iruka is now gonna get revenge. 12 chapters

Iruka's Fantasy
Iruka wants to be used and abused. Therefore, time for craigslist. Oneshot

I've Got You
The village is under attack but Iruka helps to stop it, leaving him incapacitated and without a home. 25 chapters

Memories Of You
Kakashi owns a bookstore and meets a mysterious Iruka. 6 chapters

A Pirate's Life For Me
Pirates! Oneshot

First part in a duo. Second is not finished (and probably will never be) but it can be read as just one. Kakashi is a really weird and creepy roommate when Iruka moves into the dorms. 20 chapters

The Silent Blade: Hunter
First in a finished duo. Kakashi finds out Iruka was part of a secret mission squad. 11 chapters

Your Wish Is My Command
After taking a jutsu to the face, Iruka doesn't have a will of his own and Kakashi learns the side effects of this mind-control jutsu. 6 chapters

Yuri no Jutsu
KakaIru but as females. Tinyshot




Winter 2009
Mini-Bingo 2010 73 works
Summer 2010 26 works
Winter 2010 24 works
Summer 2011 idek
Winter 2011 27 works
Summer 2012 22 works
Autumn-mini 2012 72 works

Winter 2012 28 works
Summer 2013 44 works
Winter 2013 17 works
Summer 2014 29 works
Winter 2014 27 works
Summer 2015 idek
Winter 2015 29 works
Summer 2016 (UPCOMING)


This is the first (and probably last) ever T-Game, a contest/game/test? where I, T-Bear, pose a question to determine who has the skills to become the monthly conquerers! On to the Game!
Now, the goal is to get highest amount of points possible in one month. Every week, i'll post a new question to my fanfiction/deviantart/livejournal/tumblr accounts. To get a point, one must answer each weekly question right. At the end of the month, whoever has the most points will be offered a chance to:
a) have their OC featured in one of my stories
b) have a prompt fullfilled (kakairu only please)
or c) have a peak at the next story/chapter i'm working on.
Participants will all have the opportunity to chat and interact with me via games or livestreams (TBA) to gather info on the questions or simply just to talk.
1) You may give an answer to the weekly question (to which I will respond if it's right or wrong) and/or questions from a previous week. Example: One may answer the question for one week and get the wrong answer but one has the chance to try again the next week when they answer question 2 and so on and so on.
2) all answers must be PMed to me via deviant, fanfiction, tumblr or livejournal. I wil NOT accept it in comments, reviews or anything so public.
3) I will only take answers on a weekly basis. I will not accept answers the day before/2 days before/three/four days before a new question and answers the day of the question. ex: if you give answers on the mondays, I will only take answers from you on the next monday. EXCEPTIONS: If you're late a day, I will accept your answers but your next answers will have to be a week from the late day. ex: you usually answer on mondays but you were late so you answered on tuesday, pushing your answering day to tuesday from then on.
4)  Be nice. This goes for when talking to other participants, non-participants and me. We're classy people, let's stay that way.
5) Be creative. A lot of my questions won't have obvious answers and will call for you to take a guess or even make something up.

Signing up: PM me saying that you want to participate and i'll give you a number (at random). This will be your number for this game and for future games to come (if ever). When giving answers, you will need to state your number, name/username and which question(s) you're answering to. I will take sign ups whenever, even after the game has started, until the game has finished.

Game will start on the first Friday of September!

Questions? Feel free to ask anytime
-T: this is something I've been wanting to do for a long time and its really important to me that everyone has fun and tries their best. Never having tried something like this before, I don't have high hopes but i'll continue to smile even if it falls through the roof as long as people give it their all and try their best.

Changeling - Chapter 1

Title: ​Changeling - Chapter 1

Author: thermophile57

Pairing: kakairu

Genre: romance, fluff, fantasy, magic, AU, drama

Rating: PG-13 (just in case)

Warnings: death, shonen ai

Summary: Poor Iruka is dragged to Anko's Halloween party only to have an encounter that will change the world around him.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Naruto, or any of the associated rights.



Hiya, everyone!

Well, this is kind of awkward for me.....hehe....you know, posting on LJ and all....-laughs shakily- yeah.....

Anyway! I'm really happy to finally get this account up and running...sort of.... and i'd like to say hi to everyone on LJ from me. :D

This is T-Bear signing out!